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Alberto Lomas

Vitoria (1967)

Alberto Lomas Gancedo (Vitoria 1967).

Lives and works in Bilbao. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country (Painting & Media degrees, 1992), he expanded his training in different international workshops and residences. With special mention to the one held at Arteleku with Antoni Muntadas and at Quam with Francesc Torres. Now  in residence on SeMA NANJI (Seul, Korea).

For most of his career he collaborated as co-founder and curator in various management and self-management art group projects (“En Canal”, “Espacio Abisal”, “Eman Difusión”, etc.).

His work pursues his interests fundamentally through installation and action, usually linked to technology. With a critical look at the limits of the individual in today’s society through the analysis of their ideological scenario and questioning the role pre-assigned to the individual in the face of new technologies. The dimension of the gaze is questioned beyond the regulatory framework that defines or intends to define the image, experience or any type of human interrelation.

His work has been recognized with various awards and supports for the development of it  (grants for exhibition or production, grants, etc.).

He has made individual exhibitions and proposals in institutions, galleries and art spaces, such as “Hard Borders/Soft Borders”(Karge Gallery, Slemani Old Tobacco Factory, Kurdistan, Iraq 2018),  “Interface ” (Center d’Art Moderne in Tetouan, Morocco, 2017-2018), “Alterations in Praxis” (Artium Museum, Vitoria 2015-2016), “Aurr / Ez Aurre” (BilbaoArte, Bilbao 2014), “Impossible Morphologies” with Raúl Lomas (Avaart Gallery, Gijón 2013), “Errespetu Osoa” (Bastero Erakustaretoa, Andoain 2004), “PIL – public image limited “(Gallery General Catalog, Bilbao 2003),” Control and Disappearance “(Abisal Space, Bilbao 2003),” Devices “(Fundacio Laundry Gallery, Barcelona 2000),” The effects of the attempt / the effects of rest “with Fermín Moreno (Gallery La Xina ART, Barcelona 1999), “De la mirada …” (Espacio Transforma Vitoria 1997).

He has participated in various national and international collective exhibitions, presenting different actions and installations, among others: “Meminisse” (Myymälä Gallery, Helsinki 2018), “Subversión” (La Morada, Bilbao 2017) “Crossfire” (IntraMurs Festival, Valencia 2017) “Incognitas” (Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao 2007), “Stand By: TV” (Caixa Forum, Barcelona 2007), “TV Interventions” (Festival de Vitoria-Gasteiz 2006), “Encuentros de autogestión y arte de acción” (Cendeac, Murcia 2005), “Undergruden eer over os! “(Kaleidoscop, Copenhagen 2005),” Ciber @ rt (congress + international festival / new technologies, Bilbao 2004), “UNO + UNO PRIMA” (1st European Stage degli esordi. Palazzo Dúchale e Luoghi of the storicco center. Lucca Italy 2004), “Days of action” (Circulo de Bellas Artes de Tenerife.2004), “Ebent 03” (International Performance Festival, Convent de S. Agustí, Barcelona 2003), “IDENSITAT” (Sala Amadis, Madrid 2003 ), “CIBERIA” (Casa Iris, Fundación Botín “Santander 2002),” Customizaciones Tecnológicas “(Experimenta 2002, University of Salamanca),” Generación 2002 “(Madrid, Barcelona, Santiago, Badajoz and Seville),” War / NOT War “(Museum of Illustration and Modernity, Valencia 2002),” E-prom “(May More Gallery, Madrid 2001),” Art and new technologies conferences “(Museo Pablo Serrano, Zaragoza 2001), Observatori (Museo de las Sciences, Valencia 2000), “Caja XXI Kutxa” (Kursaal, San Sebastian 1999).

Now  in residence on SeMA NANJI (Seul, Korea).


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